Zero Tolerance Staff Abuse Policy & Procedure

At Foundry Road pre school we have a Zero Tolerance Staff abuse Policy towards both verbal and physical abuse. We believe that all children, staff and volunteers within the pre school have the right to be protected from verbal abuse (including swearing) and physical abuse or assault, whether directed at or by witnessing it being directed towards another person in or around the pre school. We therefore intend to create an environment in which children, staff and volunteers are free from abuse and treated with respect and in which any suspicion of abuse is promptly and appropriately responded to. We believe we have a strong partnership with our parents and an open door policy to discuss any matters arising.


In the unlikely event that a parent is seen in an aggressive or abusive manner at the pre school, our procedure is to:

  • Direct the parent away from the children and into a private area such as a vacant room. Ensure that a second Senior member of staff be in attendance, where possible whilst ensuring the safe supervision of the children.
  • Maintain a calm professional manner, ask the parent to calm down and make it clear that we do not tolerate aggressive or abusive language or behaviour.
  • Contact the police if the behaviour does not diffuse
  • Once the parent has calmed down, the member of staff will then listen to their concerns and respond appropriately
  • An incident form will be completed detailing the date, time, reason and action taken and we may also notify Ofsted.

Staff /Children/Parents may require support and reassurance following the experience, management will provide this and seek further support where necessary.

Foundry Road pre school reserves the right, in line with Safeguarding procedures to ban the abuser from the pre school premises until further notice, Alternative suitable arrangements may therefore need to be made in relation to the drop-off and collection of the child.

In extreme circumstances a child maybe excluded from pre school.