Social Networking Policy

There are too many sites to mention them all by name. This policy covers them all.

It is important when using social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter that staff always maintain confidentiality and ensure proper practice. This is to protect the children, parents & families of the setting along with the staff. It is also to guard the pre-school reputation and the staff’s own personal reputation.

Staff must act in the best interests of the children & the setting. Staff guidelines when using social media sites include but are not limited to:

  • Staff must not mention any of the children from the pre-school on their online profiles
  • Staff must not write direct or indirect suggestive comments about work on their online profiles
  • Staff must not publish photos of the children on their online profiles
  • Staff must not publish photos of other staff while in the pre-school on their online profiles
  • Staff must not write anything about other staff members on their online profiles
  • Staff must not use mobile phones to take photos in the pre-school.
  • Staff must not mention any of the companies that Foundry Road Pre-school works with on their online profile
  • In order to maintain professional boundaries staff should not accept personal invitations to be friends from parents of the pre-school unless they know them in a personal capacity. Instead parents should be signposted to 'like' the official Facebook page.
  • Be cautious & mindful when accepting friend requests from colleagues.
  • Staff members must set their online profiles to private so that only friends are able to see their information.
  • Staff are responsible for adhering to the terms of service of each site they use
  • Personal profiles should not contain any images or videos which may be perceived as inappropriate behaviour for a childcare professional
  • The pre-school logo must not be used in social media apart from the official Facebook page.
  • Staff must not put the settings contact details on social media. Parents should be signposted to the pre-school web page.
  • Staff will not have the pre-school name anywhere in their personal profile.
  • Any breaches of the Facebook & social networking policy could result in disciplinary action.
  • Staff must use social media in a professional, safe, responsible & respectful way. You must comply with the law.
  • Staff must not use social media to attack, insult, abuse, defame or make negative or discriminatory comments about anyone.

Staff must be mindful that everything you post online is public, even with the strictest privacy settings. You must assume that everything is permanent & may be shared.

Foundry Road Pre-school treat 'electronic behaviour' as it would 'non-electronic behaviour'.

Foundry Road pre-school has a Facebook page available. This is a communication tool for the setting. We will use it to

  • Promote certain useful links for parents / carers etc.
  • Show updates on what is happening at preschool.
  • To give news
  • To show photos of activities, trips or special events

We also want to invite your thoughts & comments.

The pre-school managers are the page administrators and will update the page on a regular basis.

The page administrators reserve the right to remove any comments at any time. The intent of the policy is to protect the privacy and rights of the pre-school, staff & families.

We will remove any postings that:

  • Name specific individuals in a negative way
  • Are abusive or contain inappropriate language or statements
  • Use defamatory, abusive or generally negative terms about any individual
  • Do not show proper consideration for others privacy
  • Breach copyright or fair use laws
  • Contain any photos of children without necessary parental consent.

If you would like to report an inappropriate comment then please send an email to