Empty Pocket Policy

Foundry Road Pre-school recognises the need to ensure the welfare and safety of all children.

In order to safeguard children in our care we do not permit the use of any recording medium or device, it is a requirement for, visitors and volunteers on arrival at Foundry Road Pre-school to hand any of the following electronic devices/mediums in to keep in a secure cupboard –

·       Mobile phones

·       Cameras

·       Game consoles

·       Ipads/tablets

·       Laptops, with camera facility

·       USB sticks

·       Smart watches

In the case of an emergency, staff, visitors and volunteers can be contacted on the Pre-school landline

Only owners/managers are authorised to keep mobile phones to hand as mode of contact.

·       Staff mobile phones are to be kept on silent or off mode during sessions, staff are to hand their phones into management on arrival.

·       Staff are not permitted to wear smart watches.

·       Manager’s phones are not to be used to take any photographs of staff or children within the setting.

·       If parents / carers or visitors are seen to be using their mobile phone or any other image capturing devices, staff are to ask them to either go outside for the call or to abandon the call whilst in the building with children present. Mobile phones and image capturing devices should be kept in their bag or pocket at all times.

·       If staff are seen to be using their mobile phones or any image/recording capturing devices without consulting with the Management, whilst they are in session or around the children disciplinary procedures will be taken.

·       If management are unavailable there is a business mobile phone which can be used in case of emergency for contacting management / Parents etc, this is located in a locked staff cupboard. The phone does not have staff or parents contact details stored (only management numbers) or a camera / video facility.

·       No unauthorised camera’s/video recorders or any other image capturing devices are to be used within the setting unless consent has been given by parents, the setting have digital cameras which are to remain in the setting at all times, this is stored in a locked cupboard and only accessed by staff during Pre-school sessions.

·       Photographs are stored on the memory card of the camera, and deleted once no longer needed.

·       Members of staff must not bring their own cameras, video recorders or any other image capturing devices into the setting.

·       Photographs and recordings of children are only taken for valid reasons, i.e. to record their learning and development, or for displays within the setting.

·       Photographs or recordings of children are only taken on equipment belonging to the setting.

·       Camera use is monitored by the setting manager.

Foundry Road Pre-school are members of the ICO (Information Commissioners Office) for Data Protection, following all GDPR regulations