Risk assesment policy

Risk assessment policy

Foundry Road Pre-school believes that the health and safety of children is of paramount importance. We make our setting a safe and healthy place for children, parents, staff and volunteers by assessing and minimising the hazards and risks to enable the children to thrive in a healthy and safe environment.

The basis of this policy is risk assessment:

  • Identification of risk: Where is it and what is it?

  • Who is at risk: Childcare staff, children, parents, etc?

  • Assessment as to the level of risk as high, medium, low. This is both the risk of the likelihood of it happening, as well as the possible impact if it did.

  • Control measures to reduce/eliminate risk: What we need to do, or ensure others will do, in order to reduce that risk?

  • Monitoring and review:


  • Our risk assessments are carried out jointly by the pre-school managers

  • Our risk assessment process covers adults and children and includes:

  • Checking for and noting hazards and risks indoors and outside, and in our premises and for activities;

  • Assessing the level of risk and who might be affected;

  • Deciding which areas need attention; and

  • Developing an action plan that specifies the action required, the time-scales for action, the person responsible for the action and any funding required.

  • Risk assessments are reviewed annually or earlier if appropriate.

  • We have daily hazard checklist, which is carried out before each session begins.

  • There are continuous risk assessments in each area, as well as the long term risk assessments which are carried out on a annual basis or before if needed i.e. if a area has been changed or new equipment etc.

Legal framework

  • Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1992