Asthma Policy

Asthma Policy


Foundry Road Pre-school welcomes all children with asthma, we recognise that asthma is an important condition that affects many children. We encourage and help children with asthma to participate in all activities.

We will work with parents/carers of children with asthma to ensure that their child is in a safe and caring environment.

Guidance will be provided for staff on what to do if a child has an asthma attack.


  • All staff, where possible, will be trained in the management of asthma, and training will be regularly updated where possible.

  • If staff feel that the requests made by parents/carers regarding administration of asthma medication are not in line with the advice received during training they may request parents/carers to obtain clear written guidance from the child’s GP/Consultant or Asthma nurse.

  • Staff cannot administer relievers without parental consent.

  • Staff will follow the sickness and medication procedures policy.


  • All children diagnosed with asthma will be required to have a reliever (blue) inhaler and spacer device to be kept in the setting.

  • All reliever (blue) inhalers and spacer devices must be clearly labeled with the child’s name, and kept in the original packaging. If the packaging is damaged, then the label from the packaging must be attached to the inhaler.

  • Reliever (blue) inhalers will be kept unlocked, to ensure immediate access.

  • If the child leaves the premises for any activity, including emergency evacuation their reliever (blue) inhaler and spacer device will be taken with them. This will be joint responsibility of staff and parent/carers.

Parent / carers

  • Parents/carers need to complete all documentation, i.e. asthma care plan, alert card and consent form, prior to your child starting at Foundry Road Pre-school, or if diagnosed whilst on roll, then immediately after the diagnosis has been given

  • Parents/carers should be aware of the settings sickness and medication procedures

  • If the reliever (blue) inhaler has been used whilst the child has been at Pre-school, parents/carers will always be informed and will need to sign the medication book to confirm this

  • If a child needs to repeat the use of their reliever (blue) inhaler within four hours, parents/carers will be contacted immediately, as the child will need to be seen by their GP that day.

  • It is parent/carers responsibility to ensure that the reliever (blue) inhaler is in date and that it contains sufficient medication

Management ensure that all staff are made aware of any specific medical needs.