Security Policy

Foundry Road Pre School is committed to provide a safe, secure environment. Staff will adhere to the following guidelines.


  • No child will be left unsupervised in the Pre School at any time. Except for children who are capable and allowed to go to the toilet/wash their hands unsupervised.
  • There will be a minimum of 2 adults on duty at all times.
  • Staff/child ratio set by Ofsted (Early year’s directorate) will be adhered to.
  • Staff will have all relevant DBS checks.
  • Visitors to the Pre School will not be left unsupervised at any time and adequate identification will be required. Identification will be provided and prior arrangements should be made wherever possible with the manager
  • Children will not be released with anyone other than the recognised parent/ carer unless prior notice is given. The allocated person collecting the child must provide the password that corresponds with the one provided on the child’s registration form upon arrival. If staff are unsure or the allocated person is unaware of the password the child will remain at Pre School until contact and authorisation with Parents has been made.
  • Entrance to the Pre School will be monitored to ensure security at all times.
  • Children will be signed in and out of pre school
  • A daily hazard checklist of the indoor and outdoor areas will be completed before children arrive.
  • Suspicious characters will be reported to the manager and police contacted if concerns are raised.
  • All staff are made aware of the safety and security
  • Names of children will not be used on badges or clothing outside pre school
  • Parental consent will be sought after for the use of videos, photographs etc.
  • All confidential documents are kept in a locked cupboard.
  • Any work undertaken out of hours a member of staff will be present to ensure confidentiality is kept.
  • Staff walkie-talkies are to be used when on door duty, and within the outside area.
  • Security alarm is installed on the interior gate to alert staff of when the gate has been opened, so they are aware that someone is coming into Pre-school area. (This is only to be turned off when parents are arriving/leaving, or when Pre-school is closed)
  • When a representative of the church is not able to be present to meet an expected visitor Pre-School will be informed in advance of the visitor’s name and purpose in visiting,  before being asked to admit them. Also visitors are to be advised that mobile phones or image taking devices are not to be allowed when near Pre-school children are present in the building.