Health and Hygiene

Health and Hygiene Policy and Practices

Health & Hygiene - Policy and Practice

FoundryRoad Pre Schoolpromotes a healthy life-style and a high standard of hygiene in its day to day work with children and adults. This is achieved in the following ways:


All snacks provided will be nutritious and pay due attention to children's particular dietary requirements. When cooking with children as an activity, the adults will provide healthy, wholesome food, promoting and extending the children's understanding of a healthy diet.

Outdoor Play

Children will have the opportunity to play in the fresh air throughout the year, they should be appropriately dressed for the weather. Foundry Road Pre-School values physical activity across the curriculum. Also see Outdoor play policy.

Information Sources

Parents will have the opportunity to discuss health issues with Foundry Road Pre-School staff and will have access to information available. Foundry Road Pre-School will maintain links with health visitors and gather health information and advice from the local health authority information services and/or other health agencies as appropriate.


To prevent the spread of all infection, adults in the group will ensure that the following good practices are observed:

Toys and equipment to be cleaned thoroughly each half term.

Personal hygiene

A large box of tissues available and children encouraged to blow and wipe their noses when necessary. Soiled tissues are disposed of hygienically.

Hands washed with soap and thoroughly dried after using the toilet.

Children encouraged to shield their mouths when coughing.

Paper towels used and disposed of appropriately.

Hygiene rules relating to bodily fluids followed with particular care and all staff and volunteers aware of how infections, including hepatitis and the HIV infection, can be transmitted.

Any bodily fluids are to be wiped up using detergent, and to wear disposable gloves when doing so, which are to be thrown away after use.

Spare laundered pants and clothing are available in case of accidents, and soiled clothing to be wrapped up to go home.


FoundryRoad Pre-Schoolwill observe current legislation regarding food hygiene, registration and training.

The following basic precautions will be taken to ensure good food hygiene in the Pre-school:

  • Washhands before preparing and cooking food and ensuring children do the same.
  • Always follow storage, preparation and cooking instructions as specified on food labels and check "use by" dates.
  • Food preparation surfaces to be cleaned prior to use.
  • Fridge temperatures to be checked regularly.