Biting Policy

Biting is a natural development stage that many children go through, it is usually a temporary condition. Many toddlers go through biting other toddlers for many different reasons, they might be over tired, frustration, they may be experimenting or trying to seek attention of peers or carers or sometimes biting occurs for no apparent reason.

Staff will maintain close and constant supervision of the children at all times. A risk assessment is in place for all biting incidents. This can be located within the risk assessment folder.

The following steps will be taken if a biting incident occurs at Pre school:

  1. The biting will be interrupted with a firm “Stop…. we don’t bite people.
  2. Staff will remain calm and not over react.
  3. The bitten child will be comforted.
  4. Staff will remove the biter from situation. The biter will be given something to do that is satisfying, and they will be encouraged to “say sorry” for to the affected child.
  5. The wound of the bite will be assessed and treated accordingly with a cold compress. The incident will be logged in the accident book.
  6. Both parents will be notified of the biting incident.
  7. Confidentiality of all children involved will be maintained.
  8. The bitten area should continue to be observed by parents and staff for signs of infection.
  9. If the biting continues and gets serious, the child will be observed or shadowed by a carer (shadowed at 10 minutes at a time without hindering their play or activities) and the observations will be monitored to see why the biting is reoccurring.