Parents Comments

"Very happy with Kaci's progression. She is always enthusiastic to come to preschool. Always lots of activities available and suitable for the age range. When collecting Kaci is always smiling and happy. Thank you for all you do for my daughter"

"Sam seems happy and settled now when he comes to preschool and seems to enjoy coming"

"Really pleased with Jack's development and most of all he's happy. Thank you"

“Rebecca loves coming to Pre-school and has come out of herself since being one of the older ones. She always wants to come here”.

“George seems to have settled in really well and it has helped with his confidence and development at home. He wants to be more independent, getting and doing things for himself and imitates everyday activities”.

“After seeing and reading Olivia’s progress since September 2014 until November 2014. I am really pleased with the progress and stages she’s meeting. She is a very shy little girl and doesn’t have a lot of self confidence, or mixing with children. I do believe that this will develop over time and her confidence and making friends will come. I’m really pleased with her speech, and at home and with family members her confidence is outstanding. I am really thankful and grateful to Miss Gard and Mrs Cullis, who have got a little friend for life. She always says she’s had a great day at school and always wants to come back, so thank you for looking after her and encouraging her I believe since starting pre-school she has changed massively in all aspects so proud of her”.

“Kate loves Pre-school, everyday asks if she is going even on a Saturday and Sunday! She comes home happy and tells us of her day spent there; she goes happy every morning and has made lots of friends. We thank you for making Kate’s time-a happy time”.