Grievance Procedure


  1. It is accepted by the company that there will be occasions when workers have issues relating to working conditions or relationships. While it is to be hoped that in most cases these will be resolved through informal discussion, where the problem remains unresolved, the following formal procedure should be used.
  2. This procedure applies to all workers, including part-time and temporary workers.
  3. Workers may be accompanied by a fellow employee or a trade union representative at any stage of the procedure.
  4. If an issue is referred to this procedure for resolution, both parties accept that it should be progressed as speedily as possible.
  5. Pending resolution of the grievance, the same conditions that existed prior to its notification will continue to apply (i.e. the status quo will be maintained), except in those cases where a continuation will be damaging to the business.





  1. Any worker who has a grievance should raise it in the first instance with his or her deputy manager. Where the grievance is against the deputy manager, it should be raised with a manager. The manager will respond in writing within five working days of hearing the grievance.
  2. If the matter can still not be resolved after consulting with the Management team it may in some circumstances, and subject to mutual agreement between the parties, the matter may be referred to an external adjudicator.