Settling In

Settling in Policy and Practice


Children are eligible to start pre-school when they are 2 years of age.  We intake throughout the year, wherever places are available.

Following your initial enquiry regarding a place you will be invited with your child to look round pre-school. If you would like your child to attend you will then be offered any available sessions, an induction pack which includes a registration form and a confirmation letter of sessions will then be emailed or posted to you. We request for completed registration forms to be handed into pre school within five working days following receipt.

Once a child has been offered a place, we will arrange for them to come into preschool for a 1 hour free taster, which will allow them to familiarise themselves with the setting and staff for a short period before starting. Due to the amount of new children starting we may only be able to offer 2 different taster times for you to choose from. Whilst your child is having their taster we will complete some further paperwork with parents/carers away from the child, this will also give parent/carer the opportunity to ask any questions before their start date.

Your child’s first week:

 If parents wish to they can stay for up to 1 hour on the first day, parents will be invited to sit in the foyer area so they can be reassured by staff when your child has settled, this will then be reduced to 30 minutes for the second day and further reduced times if required. If parents wish to only leave their child for 1.5 hours for their first week they can, but full session costs will remain the same. Each and every child are individual and all settle differently. Some parents wish for children to start immediately with no settling in time. How you want your child to settle into Pre-school is entirely up to you, we will work with your requests.

We encourage parents to telephone Pre-school at anytime to see how their child is, but if your child is getting too distressed and upset we will contact you immediately.